AVC Products Forecast Overview

Monday November 28, 2011 – Jing Sui

With more efficient coding and higher-quality play back, MPEG-4 AVC has expanded intoevery consumer digital video category going far beyond the ubiquitous MPEG-2 standard. The AVCmarket continues to exhibit notable growth and a majority of the product categories are experiencing growth.

DTC’s latest data narrates the trends of categories including AVC consumer electronic products,set-top boxes (STBs), mobile devices, PC and PC related products. Among AVC consumer electronics product families, integrated digital TVs (IDTVs) anticipate double-digit growth rates and experiencing the greatest compound annual growth rate throughout the forecast period. STBs are projected to have shipments of over 140 million units in 2012. Shipments of MPEG-4 AVC mobile handsets, due in part to the popularity of smartphones and high-end media handsets, are expected to grow to over 1 billion in 2016. Other AVC CE products, such as Blu-ray disc devices and video game consoles, are also consistently seeing healthy growth throughout the forecast period.