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HEVC Products Forecast Overview

With efficiency improvements over the ubiquitous AVC/H.264 standard and higher-quality play back, HEVC/H.265 use has expanded into nearly every consumer product and video content category. Although higher-end applications, such as the viewing of UHD TV, are the most advertised uses for the HEVC standard, its use in non-UHD applications is prolific. DTC’s latest study narrates […]

Why Smartphones are the Initial Products on HEVC Rollout Timeline

Nearly three years since the first HEVC smartphone was launched, the mobile phone industry is driving the high volumes of devices that operate with HEVC/H.265. You might not know it given all the focus on HEVC’s enabling of UHD products and services. The mobile industry moves a lot more smartphones than the consumer electronics industry […]

4K/UHD Content: Not Ready for Prime Time

While 4K/UHD TV households begin to grow past the most eager “early adopter” households due to price decreases, there are still only a small handful of commercial deployments for 4K/UHD program delivery. There other factors besides the amount of available content that currently define the number of 4K/UHD-capable households. Other factors include bandwidth constraints for […]

India: The Smartphone Vendor’s New Land

As the smartphone tsunami makes its way around the world, India is rapidly replacing China as smartphone suppliers’ favorite shore. Although China remains the leader in terms of smartphone shipments, the highest growth rate is coming from India with no near-term slowdown anticipated. Just like in China, suppliers are a mix-up of international and local […]

Lenovo and Moto: The First International Smartphone Marriage?

One year ago, Lenovo’s proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google rocked the tech world. An old mainstay of the radio business and an enduring brand would survive… but with an overseas owner. Three months ago, the $2.9 billion acquisition was officially closed and now, Lenovo is the world’s third largest smartphone maker after Apple […]

Can Apple Fight Back Xiaomi in China?

Apple has been the gold standard for smartphones all around the world including in China where the iPhone has been a coveted status symbol.  As in the rest of the world, however, Android-based phones are now outselling the iPhone in China.  Unlike other regions, one of the most popular Android smartphones comes from domestic-brand upstart […]

The Road for Apple in China

Despite the status-symbol popularity of the iPhone and Apple’s  recent mega deal with telecom giant China Mobile, Apple faces some steep  competition from Samsung and domestic low-cost smartphone suppliers. Apple has done its cultural homework and emphasized the high status of the iPhone among an affluent population when it started selling the smartphone in 2009 […]

Digital Radio on the Road

Consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to watching digital TV over multiple platforms and the desire is no different for digital radio. Tabletop, clock and kitchen terrestrial radio receivers are no longer the only options for consumers to receive over-the-air (OTA) digital radio. While digital radio has now found its way into consumers’ homes, we believe […]

DVB-T2 At a Glance

How do broadcasters keep up with the rapid-fire changes in media delivery?  Many are adopting or rolling out the next generation of the most widely adopted digital terrestrial TV (DTT) standard – DVB-T.  The DVB-T2 standard has established itself as the most efficient DTT standard, which greatly improves power consumption and spectrum use.  Broadcasters will […]

Digital Radio Is Rising

The latest improvements for digital radio are allowing traditional broadcasters to marry broadcast signals with ever-growing popular Internet radio offerings, as well as carve out new business models for established broadcast transmissions.  Today, there are four main digital radio systems: the European Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) system, Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM), Japanese ISDB-T, and U.S. […]