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3D Printing: Who Owns the Designs?

Most people have a narrow image of 3D printing: Hobbyists extruding plastic trinkets on slow-moving 3D printers as the ubiquitous cat quizzically hovers over the printer. However, 3D printing—more accurately labeled additive manufacturing (the layering of materials is an additive, not reductive, process)—is a more serious business with serious implications for intellectual property rights. On […]

Do You Know Where Your Personal Data Is?

A recent intellectual property and licensing conference got me rethinking about the ownership of personal data. I say “rethinking” because I assumed that ship sailed long ago with Big Data Inc.—Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.—securely at the helm. After all, most of us have turned over the rights to our personal information a long time ago […]

Making it in Emerging Markets: Do the Math

Some cycles never divert from their persistent patterns. The moon waxes and wanes. Birds get pushed from nest to flight. Electronic devices find their first successes in developed markets and then look for success in emerging markets. That last pattern, however, doesn’t happen quite as organically as the others do. A lot of strategizing, accounting […]

How to Manage the Spectrum Gold Rush? Money and Science

In the shadow of wireless technology advancements lays the basic foundation on which all transmissions rely: the electromagnetic spectrum. It doesn’t usually get a lot of attention but that makes it no less valuable. It is so valuable, in fact, that recent U.S. spectrum auctions for its use (such as the AWS-3 auction) gathered tens […]

The Hybrid TV Vision: Is Common Sense Advancing?

You’ve been invited to a party. The invitation promises a horn of plenty filled with all your favorites (including the premium stuff) and also the individual favorites of your friends, family, neighbors and fellow citizens. In fact, everyone gets anything they want, at any time they want it, from this horn of plenty. Sound too […]

Why Knowledge is Power in Uncertain Times

As the sands shift beneath the foundation of the television business, the smart management of this inevitable change is critical for traditional TV providers. Change is coming from all directions—new distribution competitors and content creators; the evolving content-licensing landscape; and new rules from policymakers and regulators. Profound change is at the door step of every […]

Tech Giant IP Love Fest? Probably Not

Battles among today’s big dogs of high tech can create some pretty dramatic headlines. This is particularly true for intellectual property battles—especially when those battles come with multibillion dollar price tags and the threat of product-distribution injunctions. One bad judgement or verdict can send stock prices plummeting and execs running for cover. It’s a lot […]

How an Amazon Acquisition Will Change the Video Market

Remember when media company acquisitions were the sexiest business deals? Viacom buys its former owner CBS. Disney acquires Lucasfilm and gets all the Star Wars toys. OK. It’s a much smaller deal (reportedly $500 million), but the recent announcement that Amazon Web Services is buying video-encoding youngster, Elemental Technologies, may not seem to be all […]

Why the Future of TV Business is Not a Fight Between Broadcast and Unicast

Today’s “win or lose” prism, through which many view the TV business, needlessly discounts a future where there is a hybrid of broadcast and unicast delivery. Headline skimmers and industry partisans feed on tasty, but empty, predictions of utter defeat for all forms of broadcast delivery and superhero-like domination of Internet delivery. However, there is […]

Video Compression Business is Dull: Think Again!

Two recent events are causing the sands to shift underneath the otherwise stable world of video compression: the introduction of a new video compression technology and a second patent pool for the latest MPEG/ITU standard, HEVC/H.265. Although unrelated, both events could collectively serve to destabilize the next critical step in the evolution of the TV/video […]