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Can Google Make 3D Video Cool Again?

The fate of 3D TVs has become a cautionary tale about the perils of attempting to market technologies without adequate consumer demand. But there was a little known offshoot of the 3D TV phenomena that enjoyed an equally short-lived moment in the sun. Shortly after 3D TVs began hitting the market, several camera and camcorder […]

How Will TV Makers Compete With VR?

At some point, VR will be a really big thing. Isn’t it big now, you ask? Not really. Sure, everyone in technology is talking about VR. But in terms of objective numbers such as hardware sales, content downloads and household penetration rates, VR isn’t anything more than anticipatory buzz at the moment. But, VR will […]

Six Predictions for 2014

‘Tis the season for venturing far out on the analytical limb, throwing caution and humility to the wind and staking out a few predictions. Fully aware that any (all?) of these may come back to haunt me, I offer up the following in the spirit of provocation. 1. Everyone’s TV plans crystallize but Apple’s. While […]

3D TV Isn’t Dying. It’s Dead

“Quite hassly.” This was the quintessentially British turn of phrase used to explain why the BBC was pulling the plug on its 3D broadcasts for an indefinite time frame. The British Broadcasting Company had embarked on a two-year trial of 3D broadcasting beginning in 2011, delivering 3D specials including the London Olympics and Dr. Who. […]

4K to the Rescue?

Like all technology, television needs a “next best thing” – something, anything, to make current technology appear woefully inadequate and drive consumers back into retail to part with more of their hard-earned cash. Yet after the boost delivered by HDTV and flat panels, the TV industry has struggled to find what that next “thing” could […]

3D Futility Gesture

Monday August 15, 2011 – Stewart Wolpin Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and XpanD (in politically correct alphabetical order) last week announced a universal 3D glasses standard. Upon hearing of agreement between the three leading active shutter 3D HDTV makers, the first thing that jumped to mind was the brief exchange between Howard Johnson and Sherriff Bart […]

3D HDTV, When the Glasses Came Off

Tuesday May 31, 2011 – Greg Scoblete In most years, the consumer electronics replacement cycle is driven by incremental improvements. More megapixels here, larger displays there. Occasionally this cycle is punctuated by a bona-fide breakthrough that transforms the market: what the iPod did for portable music, the Flip did for camcorders, the iPad did for […]