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Will “Surge S1” Make Xiaomi Surge Again?

Given recent activity by smartphone suppliers, it appears that independence from chip suppliers might be the preferred strategy for building international market share. The up-and-coming Xiaomi recently lost its top domestic market share. The company is changing its design and manufacturing plans in hopes of gaining back that share, as well as making headway into […]

Is History Repeating Itself in Japan?

One of the starkest trends in the consumer electronics industry over the past 15 years has been the collapse of Japan’s once mighty TV industry. Formerly iconic brands with immense global reach have shriveled in the face of intense pressure from South Korea’s one-two punch of LG and Samsung and a glut of low-cost competition, […]

The Chinese are Coming, the Chinese are Coming

Seven months ago, I reported on fifth wave of regional TV manufacturing dominance, the first wave from the U.S., the second from Japan, the third from Europe, the fourth from Korea and, now, the fifth, potentially from China. At least one Chinese TV vendor, Hisense, seems poised to try and make me look prescient. As […]

Welcome to TV’s 5th Wave

Chinese TV maker TCL, which has proclaimed itself the world’s third largest TV manufacturer (not necessarily third-largest brand, however), recently announced pre-order Amazon availability of its latest U.S.-bound, Roku-imbued not HDR/WCG entry-level UHD entries, which range in price from $600-$1,100. It’s springtime, so these new model introductions aren’t unusual in the TV world. But TCL’s […]

Lenovo and Moto: The First International Smartphone Marriage?

One year ago, Lenovo’s proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google rocked the tech world. An old mainstay of the radio business and an enduring brand would survive… but with an overseas owner. Three months ago, the $2.9 billion acquisition was officially closed and now, Lenovo is the world’s third largest smartphone maker after Apple […]

Can Apple Fight Back Xiaomi in China?

Apple has been the gold standard for smartphones all around the world including in China where the iPhone has been a coveted status symbol.  As in the rest of the world, however, Android-based phones are now outselling the iPhone in China.  Unlike other regions, one of the most popular Android smartphones comes from domestic-brand upstart […]

The Road for Apple in China

Despite the status-symbol popularity of the iPhone and Apple’s  recent mega deal with telecom giant China Mobile, Apple faces some steep  competition from Samsung and domestic low-cost smartphone suppliers. Apple has done its cultural homework and emphasized the high status of the iPhone among an affluent population when it started selling the smartphone in 2009 […]

China Ban Lifted, But Will Console Sales Lift-Off?

China has lifted its ban on domestic sales of video game consoles, but how much will this move impact the console industry? With over a billion people living in China, the potential for a large impact on sales of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft game consoles appears obvious, but some underlying factors may get in the […]

Japan’s TV Empires Have Fallen. Will They Rise Again?

All great empires fall, undone by a familiar pattern of hubris, over expansion, internal decay, strategic blunders and the rise of mightier competitors. The consumer electronics industry is littered with its own empires and while their fall doesn’t involve pillaging and Earth-salting (at least, not yet), their ebb and flow does remind us of the geopolitical empires […]

China’s Champions Face Growing Skepticism

The rise of China is the one of the most discussed topics in geopolitics, but its rise is no less significant in the smaller corner of the network infrastructure world. And just as China’s rise has ruffled the feathers of established powers like the U.S. and Japan, the growing global presence of Chinese telecommunications firms […]