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The Cloud: Is it the Next Intellectual Property Battleground?

As the smartphone patent war era slows down (with some exception), the next big and unruly intersection of computing tech and intellectual property rights (IPR) is taking place in the cloud. There will likely be less drama than in smartphone litigation, but sorting out IP for cloud computing has the potential to be just as, […]

Amazon Is Building a Video Empire to Crush All Rivals

Amazon is a rather unique public company. Rather than redirect its profits (when there are profits) to shareholders, its founder and president Jeff Bezos famously prefers to re-invest its huge cash inflows into furthering the business and taking bets on the future. One of Amazon’s biggest bets is video. This year, the company is likely […]

If a DVD Falls off a Cloud Will Anyone Hear It?

Monday May 16, 2011 – Myra Moore You know the old saw: Content is King. I’m not delusional enough to suggest that has changed, and, in fact, it hasn’t. But the quest for convenience has become almost as important as having access to high-value content when it comes to entertainment media consumption. It’s more common […]

I’ve Seen Cloud Storage from Both Sides Now

Monday November 22, 2010 – Stewart Wolpin Joni Mitchell is going to have amend her lyrics for “Both Sides Now”, adding a positive digital spin to her cynical description of clouds as mere sun blockers, indiscriminant precipitation sources and activity inhibitors. Prior to Apple’s announcement last week of The Beatles invading iTunes, most initial speculation […]