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Wireless Video: Demand vs. Capacity

The forecast for internet video use from Cisco’s annual Visual Network Index continues to astonish. It estimates that, by 2021, 82% of all internet traffic will be video—up from an estimated 73% in 2016. That’s all internet traffic, both wired and wireless. Predictions for wireless video traffic are no less impressive: 78% in 2021 over […]

What Exactly is UHD and Why Should We Care?

Despite the headlines coming out of IFA and IBC announcing the start of the UHD market with the newest video-compression standard – HEVC – as a main engine, don’t expect high-fidelity nirvana anytime soon.  Although UHD gets all the attention for the new compression format, HEVC will first be used to create virtual bandwidth for TV […]

Digital TV Anarchy: Why the Internet Will Make Us Crave Simplicity

Monday September 28, 2009 – Myra Moore The future of TV, with the promise of unfettered access to any and all programming through increasingly sophisticated TV receivers, has a kind of utopian ring to it (if utopian and TV can be used in the same sentence) . Fewer and fewer gatekeepers, a lineup of programming […]