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Can BB10 and WP8 impact Android/iOS smartphone dominance?

Republicans/Democrats. VHS/Beta. Team Jacob/Team Edward (ask your kids). And, of course Android/iOS. Most folks, especially technology folks, like a simple choice, one or the other (the Xbox/PlayStation/Nintendo ménage àtrois a notable exception). All of which makes the recent rumblings of competition in the smartphone space so fascinating.   According to recent figures from a number […]

MPEG Efficiency: The evolution will be mobile

With the advent of the next generation of high definition video compression technology on the visible horizon, it looks as if it will be taking a much different path to video dominance than what has been traversed in the past. Instead of the traditional digital TV world, High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) will likely be […]

Microsoft Chases Undecided Vote

In a few weeks you’ll have a choice to make – and I don’t necessarily mean the presidential election. Just as the race between President Obama and Mitt Romney, most have made up their minds between the two major smartphone contenders, Apple iOS and Google Android. But just as in politics, there is a wide […]

CTIA: Was Everyone Shopping on their Phones?

Here at the just-wrapped spring version of the CTIA Wireless mobile communications show in New Orleans, the buzz on the show floor isn’t about new phones or new technologies. The buzz was about the show floor, or, more precisely, what and who was NOT at CTIA. Only two major phone vendors, LG and HTC, had […]

10 Things I Learned In Europe

As we have seen from the Grecian (and Irish and Portuguese) debt crisis, what happens outside the U.S. definitely doesn’t stay outside the U.S. For this reason, what happens around the world consumer electronics-wise can’t stay in outside the U.S., either. For this reason, IFA, the premier European technology show held in Berlin each September, […]

If You Build It, They Will Video Phone

Monday December 19, 2011 – Stewart Wolpin In the future, all TVs… RING! RING! Oh, could you hold on a second? My TV is ringing. As I was saying (sorry, it was someone taking an opinion poll), in the future, all TVs will be equipped with Web cams and microphones and will become our major […]

AVC Products Forecast Overview

Monday November 28, 2011 – Jing Sui With more efficient coding and higher-quality play back, MPEG-4 AVC has expanded intoevery consumer digital video category going far beyond the ubiquitous MPEG-2 standard. The AVCmarket continues to exhibit notable growth and a majority of the product categories are experiencing growth. DTC’s latest data narrates the trends of […]

Smartphone Wars: The Empire(s) Strike Back

Monday October 24, 2011 – Stewart Wolpin This has been one wacky and wild week for smartphones, lots of fun if you’re an analyst or tech pundit, not so much fun for consumers trying to make heads or tails of this sudden series of one-upmanship announcements. Earlier this month, Samsung fired the first shot with […]

Too Many Near Field Chiefs

Monday April 11, 2011 – Stewart Wolpin When last we cyber-met, I briefly reviewed a number of new standards winding their way through specification finalization, certification and/or commercialization (and I forgot to mention the – Gigabit Home Networking – “HomeCord” specification being promoted by theHomeGrid Forum). This week, I’d like to tackle one of […]

Video on phones? Not just for smart phones

Monday April 4, 2011 – Shelby Cunningham With all of the focus on smart phones these days, it’s easy to forget that they make up only a small percentage of the overall video playback mobile phone market. DTC estimates that 827 million mobile phones shipped in 2010 supported video playback, but only a little more […]