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Next-Generation TV: What’s Next?

Next-generation TV (aka ATSC 3.0) got top billing at the recently concluded U.S. National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) event and for good reason. The need for broadcasters to adopt a next-gen system—especially one that incorporates a blending of terrestrial broadcast and IP—is obvious especially since everything “television” (more and more an amorphous term) is getting […]

Roku Makes Big Advertising Leap

What do you think of when you hear the words, “hit TV series?” When it comes to linear TV, the meaning of that phrase is pretty concretely anchored in actual audience metrics. A “hit” series is one that the networks are reasonably sure many viewers are tuned into. Indeed, networks have a fairly strong handle […]

Will AI Power the Next Leap in Video Compression?

Artificial intelligence’s (AI) role in the digital content economy isn’t merely confined to better anticipating what TV series you’d like to binge watch next. It’s increasingly being brought to bear to solve a more challenging (and equally long-standing) technical problem: how to shave off bits from a video file without fatally compromising quality. While the […]

In VR Race, Broadcasters Get a Jump on the OTT Disruptors

In sprinting and swimming, how an athlete reacts to the gun—leaping off the block or propelling themselves into the pool—can often make or break a race. This early-mover advantage isn’t confined to athletics. It can propel business fortunes as well. The gun has clearly sounded in virtual reality (VR), and thousands of players, large and […]

Is UHD Blu-ray The Last Gasp of Packaged Media?

It’s not exactly a secret: UHD TV sales are on the rise. Duh. According to DTC, sales of UHD sets are due to rise 142% this year, and are projected to reach 43.6 million units and 60% of the total market by 2020. What’s puzzling is why UHD TVs are selling well, considering the dearth […]

The Dumb Pipe Era Advances

Cable and telecommunications multi-system operators (MSOs) have had one overriding objective since the dawn of the digital era: to avoid becoming a “dumb pipe” — i.e. infrastructure, a mere purveyor of another’s bits. Today, that fate appears increasingly inevitable, with a twist. MSOs have fought the dumbing down of their networks largely through the promise […]

Can 4K OTT Survive the Data Cap Era?

Comcast is no stranger to Internet-driven controversy. Last year, the company was dealing with the fallout of a customer service call gone horribly wrong. Now, it’s dealing with the leak of internal emails that vindicate a charge that has long been leveled at broadband providers—that data caps of the kind being rolled out by Comcast […]

How Big Can Netflix Get?

It’s been clear for some time that Netflix has broken out of the streaming niche to become a bona-fide TV institution. It’s easily the most recognizable brand of over-the-top service and with a subscriber base of 69.17 million users strong, it towers over its streaming rivals. Indeed, when Netflix goes down, as it did temporarily […]

A Nimble TiVo Keeps Pace with Changing Landscape, But for How Long?

Long before Netflix and Roku, TiVo was the poster child for TV innovation, popularizing the hard drive-based digital video recorder and trick play TV features. It was credited with no less a feat than changing the way people watch TV. But in the OTT era, when streaming has muscled in on time-shifting and countless terabytes […]

What Comcast Stream Tells Us About the Cable TV Industry

Since 2008, Comcast has seen its cable TV subscribers drop like flies—several million flies, give or take. Whether to IPTV and satellite rivals or to streaming alternatives (likely both), America’s largest cable provider has been emblematic of the challenges facing multi-service operators in the age of pay TV market saturation and disruptive competition. Indeed, the […]