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Nagra TVKey Looks To Eliminate Set-top Boxes Around The World

Swiss-based encryption-systems developer Nagra used last month’s CES 2017 to showcase a new conditional access (CA) platform that can eliminate the set-top box (STB) from the pay cable and satellite TV business paradigm, while bringing television manufacturers a potentially lucrative ancillary revenue stream. The company demonstrated at the show its TVKey platform, which is being […]

It’s the Least Wonderful Time of Year for Pay TV Providers

U.S. pay TV providers have learned to view the second quarter of their financial year with dread. Last year, the industry suffered the worst-ever video subscriber loss in history. While not all of the numbers are in for the second quarter of 2016, the numbers from some of the industry’s biggest players are shaping up […]

UHD Blu-ray: A Nice of a Niche

As a handful of UHD Blu-ray players and pre-recorded titles make their market debuts, consumer electronics companies are devising plans for how to position this product in the face of a dramatically changed consumer video landscape. A dozen years ago when BD was the logical next-generation format to DVD, widespread PVR use wasn’t common, pay […]

Tuner-Free ‘TVs’: Why Now?

Earlier this year, Vizio, a market share leader in U.S. TV sales, announced it is removing the ATSC tuners that facilitate free-to-air viewing from several of its TV product lines. This move, along with the slow-down of TV sales in Mexico where analog TV transmissions have been primarily shut off, results in a forecasted 10% […]

HEVC Products Forecast Overview

With efficiency improvements over the ubiquitous AVC/H.264 standard and higher-quality play back, HEVC/H.265 use has expanded into nearly every consumer product and video content category. Although higher-end applications, such as the viewing of UHD TV, are the most advertised uses for the HEVC standard, its use in non-UHD applications is prolific. DTC’s latest study narrates […]

The Dumb Pipe Era Advances

Cable and telecommunications multi-system operators (MSOs) have had one overriding objective since the dawn of the digital era: to avoid becoming a “dumb pipe” — i.e. infrastructure, a mere purveyor of another’s bits. Today, that fate appears increasingly inevitable, with a twist. MSOs have fought the dumbing down of their networks largely through the promise […]

Smart TV? More Like, Spy TV

In 2013, we noted how the TV industry’s push for new revenue streams, in tandem with the migration to IP technology, entangled the industry in some sensitive privacy issues. Fast forward to 2016 and things have changed—for the worse. In 2013, it was the integration of pay TV services with social network data that raised […]

TV Everywhere: Going Nowhere?

Almost every month, pay TV providers and content owners around the world launch or expand their TV Everywhere (TVE) efforts with near metronomic regularity. Just in the past several weeks, Discovery Communications launched its own app/channel, ESPN rolled out a TV Everywhere app for Latin America and Russia’s MTS revealed its TVE service for mobile […]

How Big Can Netflix Get?

It’s been clear for some time that Netflix has broken out of the streaming niche to become a bona-fide TV institution. It’s easily the most recognizable brand of over-the-top service and with a subscriber base of 69.17 million users strong, it towers over its streaming rivals. Indeed, when Netflix goes down, as it did temporarily […]

U.S. Pay TV Market: No Where to Go But Down—Or Sideways

The U.S. pay TV market ended 2014 much like it began: operators in IPTV and satellite continued to add subscribers while cable companies continued to shed them. Actually, it’s slightly more complicated than that. Dish Network ended the year down nearly 80,000 subs while DirecTV added almost 100,000 new customers to its rolls to keep […]