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It’s Time to Worry About AI Video Technology

It’s a widely known (if little discussed) fact that the adult film industry often serves as a pioneer for video technology. It was the industry’s early backing of VHS that helped to bury Betamax and its embrace of Blu-ray that helped shovel dirt over rival HD-DVD. So we should all take notice of a series […]

Roku Makes Big Advertising Leap

What do you think of when you hear the words, “hit TV series?” When it comes to linear TV, the meaning of that phrase is pretty concretely anchored in actual audience metrics. A “hit” series is one that the networks are reasonably sure many viewers are tuned into. Indeed, networks have a fairly strong handle […]

Facebook Video Needs to Take the Last Hill

Facebook is the world’s largest and most recognizable social network, but it’s fast on its way to becoming its foremost video power. With ad dollars flowing from broadcast TV to the Internet, Facebook, already an advertising behemoth, is cashing in. The rise of Facebook video has been meteoric. At the start of the year, users […]