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Tech Emerging Markets: IP Owners Cutting New Deals

Variable royalty pricing for the right to use proprietary technologies in high-tech consumer products is a trend that is afoot. While it lacks the drama of the Apple vs. Samsung smartphone patent wars, it is happening for some of the same reasons. Recent developments have both patent-pool licensors and individual companies creating a two-tier royalty […]

Will AI Power the Next Leap in Video Compression?

Artificial intelligence’s (AI) role in the digital content economy isn’t merely confined to better anticipating what TV series you’d like to binge watch next. It’s increasingly being brought to bear to solve a more challenging (and equally long-standing) technical problem: how to shave off bits from a video file without fatally compromising quality. While the […]

A 360-Degree Video Future? Codec is Key

Today, encoding standard 6:9 4K video footage is well served by the newest codecs. But getting to a future of fully immersive 360-degree video recording is where encoding will go next. That destination will be dependent on massive processing power and the most efficient codecs possible that deliver high-quality results. Consumers’ astounded initial reactions to […]

Tech Giant IP Love Fest? Probably Not

Battles among today’s big dogs of high tech can create some pretty dramatic headlines. This is particularly true for intellectual property battles—especially when those battles come with multibillion dollar price tags and the threat of product-distribution injunctions. One bad judgement or verdict can send stock prices plummeting and execs running for cover. It’s a lot […]

Next-Gen Video Codecs: The New Landscape

Recent news that licensing costs for HEVC/H.265 may rise has created some uncertainty regarding its industry-wide adoption. These business-side wranglings are opening the door, however slightly, to alternatives to HEVC, of which there are now several actively under development and/or in deployment. Even before the licensing uncertainty, Google’s VP9 was enjoying growing support among chip […]

Video Compression Business is Dull: Think Again!

Two recent events are causing the sands to shift underneath the otherwise stable world of video compression: the introduction of a new video compression technology and a second patent pool for the latest MPEG/ITU standard, HEVC/H.265. Although unrelated, both events could collectively serve to destabilize the next critical step in the evolution of the TV/video […]

VP9’s Surge of SoC Support Won’t Derail HEVC

HEVC may be the presumptive king of next-generation compression technology, but the Google-backed rival VP9 has kicked off 2015 with a growing show of support. At CES, several DTV semiconductor manufacturers revealed SoCs that included both HEVC and VP9 decoding. They include MediaTek, whose MT5595 SoC is being deployed in Sony’s 2015 lineup of Android […]

HEVC Meets the Real Camera World, Real Camera World Not Impressed

DTC has been documenting the rise of HEVC as the next-generation compression codec of choice for broadcast and over-the-top video applications, but HEVC is not restricted to these domains alone. In fact, for the first time, consumers and video enthusiasts outside of the broadcast industry have come face-to-face with HEVC compression in the form of […]

HEVC for non UHD Content: Not Sexy but Excitingly Steady

The casual video-market observer can be forgiven for thinking that the latest version of an MPEG video compression standard, HEVC, exists only to enable the fledgling Ultra HD market. As companies like Qualcomm, Apple and Samsung well know, the latest MPEG/ITU video compression standard will serve a much larger and less glamorous purpose than delivering […]

HEVC/H.265 and Tablets: The lay of the land, or so we think…

So the new kid on the block has arrived and he’s a popular one. I mean like quarterback and captain of the varsity football team type of popular. Highly anticipated, HEVC/H.265 is hitting the mainstream with the promise of up to 50% improvement in video-compression efficiency compared to its predecessor AVC/H.264. Those delivering bandwidth-hungry video […]