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The Technology Forest: Don’t Get Lost in the Woods

Believe it or not, there is a somewhat timely pattern to the historical disruption caused by technology advances. Let’s call the individual technology advances the trees, and the profound business and societal impacts from those advances the forest. Individually, these advances may not do much to challenge the status quo, but together, in a compressed […]

Will IP Transform the Broadcast Industry?

It might be argued that the difference between new video-service providers and the old ones (broadcast via cable, satellite and terrestrial) is that the new ones are simply using a different pipe (Internet) to get content into homes and to personal devices. This is true to a point but, of course, overly simplistic. There are […]

The Hybrid TV Vision: Is Common Sense Advancing?

You’ve been invited to a party. The invitation promises a horn of plenty filled with all your favorites (including the premium stuff) and also the individual favorites of your friends, family, neighbors and fellow citizens. In fact, everyone gets anything they want, at any time they want it, from this horn of plenty. Sound too […]

Why the Future of TV Business is Not a Fight Between Broadcast and Unicast

Today’s “win or lose” prism, through which many view the TV business, needlessly discounts a future where there is a hybrid of broadcast and unicast delivery. Headline skimmers and industry partisans feed on tasty, but empty, predictions of utter defeat for all forms of broadcast delivery and superhero-like domination of Internet delivery. However, there is […]

More Meat, Less Sizzle: Hybrid Device Developments at CES

4K displays absorbed much of the virtual ink at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show.  This is a somewhat curious choice given the “turned upside down world” of how content travels to those and all other screens.  The change in content travel plans may not be as immediately eye-popping as a large flat-screen TV displaying an […]

A Radical Change Coming for the Broadcast Industry?

There’s nothing like a crisis to move a group into action. At two recent broadcast conferences — DVB World (last month) and NAB (April 8-11) – there was, for the first time, a sense of urgency among a growing faction of traditional broadcasters to adopt radical business and technology changes. The message was clear: Without […]

ATSC by the Numbers

Monday July 25, 2011 – Maya Jasmin Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) tuner sales have plateaued and are expected to remain that way throughout the foreseeable future. The granddaddy of analog TV shut-offs (ASOs) (the U.S.) has passed, and digital TVs distributed throughout ATSC countries have mostly been equipped with ATSC tuners for some time […]