Digital Tech Consulting (DTC) provides customers with in-depth research and analysis of the digital technology and consumer electronics marketplace.

Our detailed, reliable market intelligence—coupled with our expertise in intellectual property and licensing—equips companies with the information they need to make strategic decisions in a space that changes as fast as technology itself.

DTC was founded in 1997 by Myra Moore. Merging her market research, forecasting and journalism skills, Moore provided the emerging digital technology industry with unprecedented market intelligence and analysis. Under her leadership, DTC became a pioneer of the analog-to-digital transformation. As a journalist, she had a front-row seat in the emergence of the earliest MPEG-2 video compression products as well as the Grand Alliance and the evolution of the first digital broadcast system.

Her reporting instincts naturally segued into research and analysis of the market. Today, with 30 years of experience, Moore leads DTC as the firm's chief analyst. Backed by a team of researchers from around the globe—each with specialized knowledge in the many aspects of the digital technology market—DTC's services have grown with the market to include:

Consultations on countrywide digital TV transitions

Intellectual property revenue projections, analyses and due diligence for buying or selling IP 

Products and services forecasting

Extensive business model analyses

In-depth profiles of markets, technologies and suppliers

In addition to conducting research, Moore regularly speaks at conferences and writes for industry publications, sharing her experiences as well as predictions on how evolving technologies will impact the industry.

The DTC team today is highly sought after for both the depth of knowledge and practical know-how they bring to the industry. From the United States to Europe and Asia, DTC analysts travel the world to bring clients the most up-to-date intelligence on consumer digital markets, making the company one of the most trusted industry resources for its extensive expertise and experience.

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