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What Will Be The Legacy of Legacy Formats?

Recent reports of the demise of the compact disc feature elegies tinged with funereal nostalgia for what was once a bold, new and literally shiny technology.  Those might as well have been elegies for all physical media including the CD’s video packaged-media analogues: DVD and Blu-ray. Neither of which is quite ready for a final […]

UHD Blu-ray’s Narrow Opportunity Window

My wife loved Wonder Woman. No, to paraphrase Woody Allen, love is too weak a word for how she feels about the initial adventures of the Amazon princess—she luuurved it, she loaved it, she luffed it (two Fs, yes). She l’ed Wonder Woman so much, we’ve seen it three times in the theater. (I am […]

UHD Blu-ray: A Nice of a Niche

As a handful of UHD Blu-ray players and pre-recorded titles make their market debuts, consumer electronics companies are devising plans for how to position this product in the face of a dramatically changed consumer video landscape. A dozen years ago when BD was the logical next-generation format to DVD, widespread PVR use wasn’t common, pay […]

Is UHD Blu-ray The Last Gasp of Packaged Media?

It’s not exactly a secret: UHD TV sales are on the rise. Duh. According to DTC, sales of UHD sets are due to rise 142% this year, and are projected to reach 43.6 million units and 60% of the total market by 2020. What’s puzzling is why UHD TVs are selling well, considering the dearth […]

Shhh! Panasonic is About to Debut UHD Blu-ray – But Don’t Tell Anyone

Did you know that Panasonic was on the verge of releasing the world’s first UHD Blu-ray deck? No? Neither did I, or anyone else who doesn’t speak Japanese or work for Panasonic. But apparently, this Friday (November 13), Panasonic will start selling its DIGA DMR-UBZ1 UHD Blu-ray slash hard disk drive recorder for a price […]

Will the UHD HDR Revolution be Televised?

While the UHD world seems copacetic on the consumer front, UHD is a roiling mess of still-developing specifications and standards that threaten to obsolete the current generation of sets and create what industry insiders refer to as “Phase 2” UHD. What every video engineer agrees upon is the potentially revolutionary affect HDR will have on […]

VP9’s Surge of SoC Support Won’t Derail HEVC

HEVC may be the presumptive king of next-generation compression technology, but the Google-backed rival VP9 has kicked off 2015 with a growing show of support. At CES, several DTV semiconductor manufacturers revealed SoCs that included both HEVC and VP9 decoding. They include MediaTek, whose MT5595 SoC is being deployed in Sony’s 2015 lineup of Android […]

Will 4K Blu-ray Bring Back the VCR?

At its CES press conference, Panasonic produced a minor tech tremor when it surprised the assembled press with a prototype of its Ultra HD Blu-ray deck. Ultra HD Blu-ray is the formidable official moniker for 4K Blu-ray announced last week at CES, as were the finalized mandatory specs initially unveiled last September at IFA. But […]

A Quick Update on Video Streaming Products

Streaming video in the home and on the go has grown rapidly over recent years to become a staple in everyday life around the world. Consumer electronics products with video streaming capabilities have reached saturation levels in the home, while mobile devices are still seeing some growth. This device shipment trend is following the same […]