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Can Google Make 3D Video Cool Again?

The fate of 3D TVs has become a cautionary tale about the perils of attempting to market technologies without adequate consumer demand. But there was a little known offshoot of the 3D TV phenomena that enjoyed an equally short-lived moment in the sun. Shortly after 3D TVs began hitting the market, several camera and camcorder […]

Video Recording Formats: Are We Done Yet?

While attending a corporate video shoot last week, I was a taken back by the recording gear sitting atop the videographer’s two tripods: not sophisticated prosumer models from Canon or Sony, not a couple of standard consumer beer can-style camcorders, not even a pair of GoPros. No, what these professional video makers were using to […]

If Action Cams Are Over, What’s Next?

GoPro, the inventor of and leading seller of action cams, recently announced what it called a “deep loss” for its first quarter 2016. It was GoPro’s second straight quarterly drop after several years of storybook hockey stick ascent to top of the camcorder selling stack. Not that we want to kick a company when it’s […]

Could Drones-With-Cameras Soar Past Action Cam Sales?

At an atypical press event last week, dominant drone market leader DJI announced its new advanced Phantom 4, a $1,400 model with a 4K camera mounted underneath. What was atypical was the broad-based press event itself, something the company has not been known for. Also atypical is its sales partnership with Apple, where the Phantom […]

Digital Imaging Shark-Jumping

You’ve got to admit it – the new products HTC will start selling early next month are damned clever. But one may have jumped the shark, and in doing so signaled the depths to which the digital imaging industry may stoop to save itself from being completely devoured by smartphones. First, there’s HTC’s Desire Eye […]

Last Act of Desperate Camera Makers?

During each recent digital camera event at- and post-CES, the scene of the townspeople fleeing the fictional town of Rock Ridge in Blazing Saddles blazes through my consciousness. You know, the one where Sheriff Bart argues that Hedley Lamarr’s actions are the “last act of a desperate man” – and Howard Johnson (John Hillerman) exclaims […]

The Historic Collapse of the Digital Imaging Business

It’s no secret that the gadget world is cannibalistic. Formats or standards have a relatively short life before being eaten by a more advanced format or standard, tracking a tall and narrow bell curve. As new formats emerge from the oven, so do new companies, and, consequently, some old formats and companies can’t adapt and […]

Digital Imaging Industry Deploys Parachutes

It’s rare for a mature product category on the downhill slide of the bell curve to cough up not one but two new savior gadgets within a relatively short time frame. But that’s exactly what has happened in the digital imaging business. Smartphones clearly have become the go-to digital imaging solution for most consumers. Even […]

The Fading Picture of Digital Imaging

A couple of weeks ago, CEA’s statistic dynamic duo, Steve Koenig and Shawn DuBravac, presented their annual holiday sales forecast for the U.S. market. Not surprisingly, the pair predicted tablets would be the top holiday technology gifts for the second year in a row. What was more surprising was the pair’s pessimistic forecast for digital […]

Lights, Camera, Action Camcorders

While watching TV the other night, I saw something shocking: a commercial for a camcorder. Why shocking? The camcorder business is going into the…uh, commode, especially the so-called “pocketcam” camcorder, the sub-$200 models popularized by Flip.   For around five years, Flip-style camcorders were the hoola-hoop of the imaging business. Nearly every mainstream and not-so-mainstream […]