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Video Streaming Emboldens Piracy

The good news for owners of TV content is that it is so coveted viewers will do whatever is necessary to secure it. The bad news is that viewers will do whatever is necessary to secure it—even if that includes stealing it. The even worse news is that the illicit ways to secure it are […]

The Ghost of CableCARD Rises Again

It seems like every few years, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) notices that U.S. consumers are locked into renting set-top boxes from cable companies rather than buying them in an open market and connecting them to the network just as they do their telephones, smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi routers, game consoles, smart TVs, Internet-connected toasters and […]

Europe’s Bold Bid to Remake TV Rights

By Greg Scoblete European regulators are notoriously ambitious in their zeal to forge a single common market. They’ve also made no secret of their desire to take on America’s high-tech behemoths like Microsoft, Google and Facebook while boosting the fortunes of Europe’s tech industry. Integral to achieving both these ends is the European Commission’s plan […]