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I Saw the Integrated Future at CES

CES is traditionally a wonderland of new devices and new technologies, some frivolous and some functional, some ready-for-prime-time and some preparing for a hopeful or eventual future. Also, traditionally, most of these new devices and technologies exist by-and-large in siloes, distinct product categories or distinct applications designed to work, perhaps, tangentially, complementary or supplementary with […]

Digital Camera Schizophrenia

At the recently concluded CES, every major digital camera maker expanded the number of their point-and-shoot SKUs endowed with Wi-Fi. Many product managers told me all their point-and-shoot SKUs would include Wi-Fi in just a couple of years. This connected feature addition is obviously a reaction to the termite-like affect smartphones are having on the […]

Lights, Camera, Action Camcorders

While watching TV the other night, I saw something shocking: a commercial for a camcorder. Why shocking? The camcorder business is going into the…uh, commode, especially the so-called “pocketcam” camcorder, the sub-$200 models popularized by Flip.   For around five years, Flip-style camcorders were the hoola-hoop of the imaging business. Nearly every mainstream and not-so-mainstream […]

Ding, Dong, the Flip is Dead

Monday May 9, 2011 – Stewart Wolpin Every once in a while, analysts/forecasters like myself hit the Nostradamus lottery and predict something otherwise unpredictable. Blissfully ignoring all of my forecasting darts that missed not only the board, but the wall it’s hung on, I will take this rare opportunity to boast “I told you so.” […]

Convergence and the Personal Media Player

Tuesday October 28, 2008 – Shelby Cunningham Everywhere you look someone is trying to cram more functions into a single device. From cell phones that moonlight as music players, to video game systems that playback high definition video, all the way to refrigerators with built in televisions and internet access, convergence is all around us. […]


Monday August 4, 2008 – Stewart Wolpin Mobile phones are designed for communications. Digital cameras are designed for imaging. And yet, slowly but surely, the mobile phone seems to be replacing the digital camera as a primary, day to day picture-taking and video-recording device. Camera phones outsell digital cameras around four-to-one. More than a billion […]