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How Long Can the JPEG Survive?

As technologies go, JPEG image compression is ancient. It was originally released in 1992 and while it’s been updated and refined over the years, the format is showing its age. JPEG compression has always struggled when compressing graphics and text and is now increasingly strained as cameras capture greater dynamic range and motion clips, like […]

Can GoPro Rise Again?

Maybe it’s fitting that a company built on seat-of-your-pants thrills would experience a two-year stretch of dizzying highs and lows. GoPro didn’t invent the action camera, but it quickly became synonymous with the category, dominating sales as everyone from weekend warriors, action sports stars and Hollywood DPs scooped up the diminutive digicam. After riding high […]

The Internet of Things Next Thing

What do you think of when you think of the Internet of Things (IoT)? For many of us, it’s tiny wearables reminding us that we sit too much (and eat too much and drink too much) or thermostats that are easier to program than the 1970s-era monstrosities they’ve replaced. Toothbrushes, running shorts and doorbells have […]

Will AI Power the Next Leap in Video Compression?

Artificial intelligence’s (AI) role in the digital content economy isn’t merely confined to better anticipating what TV series you’d like to binge watch next. It’s increasingly being brought to bear to solve a more challenging (and equally long-standing) technical problem: how to shave off bits from a video file without fatally compromising quality. While the […]

Does 360-Degree Video Have a Future on the TV?

Judging from the number of virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree imaging companies exhibiting at CES, 2016 will be a major year for this burgeoning format. Capturing spherical images and videos (that is, a video that spans a full 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically) is nothing new, but until recently, the process was laborious. […]

Digital Frames: A Rebirth for a Display Once On Its Deathbed?

Before Apple released the iPad, digital photo frames were one of the hottest holiday gift items in the consumer electronics market. As digital camera sales soared, consumers in the pre-iPad era struggled to find ways to bring those images into the living room, where traditional prints often held pride of place on walls and mantle […]

The Historic Collapse of the Digital Imaging Business

It’s no secret that the gadget world is cannibalistic. Formats or standards have a relatively short life before being eaten by a more advanced format or standard, tracking a tall and narrow bell curve. As new formats emerge from the oven, so do new companies, and, consequently, some old formats and companies can’t adapt and […]

Digital Imaging Industry Deploys Parachutes

It’s rare for a mature product category on the downhill slide of the bell curve to cough up not one but two new savior gadgets within a relatively short time frame. But that’s exactly what has happened in the digital imaging business. Smartphones clearly have become the go-to digital imaging solution for most consumers. Even […]

The Fading Picture of Digital Imaging

A couple of weeks ago, CEA’s statistic dynamic duo, Steve Koenig and Shawn DuBravac, presented their annual holiday sales forecast for the U.S. market. Not surprisingly, the pair predicted tablets would be the top holiday technology gifts for the second year in a row. What was more surprising was the pair’s pessimistic forecast for digital […]