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Facebook’s Privacy Problems Could Spread Well Beyond Facebook

The revelation that Facebook has been collecting and selling information about its users should have caught very few people by surprise. But while past revelations of Facebook’s industrial-scale data siphoning have provoked only momentary outrage followed by a resumption of business-as-usual, the Cambridge Analytica data scandal may actually lead to a wider backlash, up to […]

Welcome to TV’s 5th Wave

Chinese TV maker TCL, which has proclaimed itself the world’s third largest TV manufacturer (not necessarily third-largest brand, however), recently announced pre-order Amazon availability of its latest U.S.-bound, Roku-imbued not HDR/WCG entry-level UHD entries, which range in price from $600-$1,100. It’s springtime, so these new model introductions aren’t unusual in the TV world. But TCL’s […]

How Big Can Netflix Get?

It’s been clear for some time that Netflix has broken out of the streaming niche to become a bona-fide TV institution. It’s easily the most recognizable brand of over-the-top service and with a subscriber base of 69.17 million users strong, it towers over its streaming rivals. Indeed, when Netflix goes down, as it did temporarily […]

Media Streamers Embarking on an International Voyage?

Media streamers, once seen as U.S.-centric devices, are expanding around the world, albeit at a cautious rate. But with Google’s announcement that the Chromecast is adding almost a dozen new countries to its shipment route, it makes you wonder if the trend is successfully expanding. Even Apple has recently stopped referring to the Apple TV […]

From Russia, With Gadgets

For most Americans, despite Détente and Perestroika and blinis and borsch, Russia remains behind at least a heavy velvet curtain. As a technology analyst/forecaster/reporter, Russia remains a fascinating mystery. But a recent visit Moscow and St. Petersburg solved some of the Russian technology mystery. It turns out the state of Russian consumer electronics isn’t that […]

The Importance of Being IFA

Since every tech reporter worth their microSD jack is writing about iPhone 5 this week, I’ll avoid the topic and address more of an industry issue – the increasing importance of the recently concluded IFA electronics show. IFA stands for…something German and unpronounceable (okay, it’s Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin). What it is is the European CES, […]

10 Things I Learned In Europe

As we have seen from the Grecian (and Irish and Portuguese) debt crisis, what happens outside the U.S. definitely doesn’t stay outside the U.S. For this reason, what happens around the world consumer electronics-wise can’t stay in outside the U.S., either. For this reason, IFA, the premier European technology show held in Berlin each September, […]

ASOs in Emerging Markets –Boosting Up STB Growth

Monday June 27, 2011 – Jing Sui Planning for analog TV shut-offs is well underway in many countries that are just beginning to turn on digital terrestrial TV transmissions. But it will be years before there is worldwide (or near worldwide) switch to digital terrestrial broadcasts, and two countries that will have a major impact […]

Digital Set-Top Box: The Foreseeable Growth in Emerging Markets

Monday June 13, 2011 – Jing Sui Even though consumer retrenchment and overall market maturity in North America and Western Europe led to lower than expected growth in digital STB unit shipment volumes, the demand for digital STBs is boosting up silently in the other parts of the world – in emerging markets like Asia, […]

Are Europe & Asia Tech Superior?

Monday April 25, 2011 – Stewart Wolpin While not exactly qualifying as a jet-setter (or as a candidate for the Most Interesting Man in the World), in the last 18 months I have been in The Netherlands, Japan and, last week, Spain, at a pre–IFA media conference in the Mediterranean resort town of Benidorm. This […]