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How TV Manufacturers Can Get to an OLED Future

Recent trends on display at both the IFA 2016 electronics show in Berlin, IBC 2016 in Amsterdam,  and CEDIA Expo 2016 in Dallas showed that large-screen televisions based on organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology are in for significant revenue and unit growth as multiple vendors  enter the market. Meanwhile, new OLED production technologies are […]

What Exactly is UHD and Why Should We Care?

Despite the headlines coming out of IFA and IBC announcing the start of the UHD market with the newest video-compression standard – HEVC – as a main engine, don’t expect high-fidelity nirvana anytime soon.  Although UHD gets all the attention for the new compression format, HEVC will first be used to create virtual bandwidth for TV […]

CES Coming-Out Party for UHD

“What did you see that was cool?” is the per usual post-CES question posed to show-goers by both fellow show-goers making sure they didn’t miss anything (I missed the female body painting at the iWare booth, for instance) and by non-attendees who apparently haven’t read any of the terabytes of online coverage. The question usually […]

The Importance of Being IFA

Since every tech reporter worth their microSD jack is writing about iPhone 5 this week, I’ll avoid the topic and address more of an industry issue – the increasing importance of the recently concluded IFA electronics show. IFA stands for…something German and unpronounceable (okay, it’s Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin). What it is is the European CES, […]

10 Things I Learned In Europe

As we have seen from the Grecian (and Irish and Portuguese) debt crisis, what happens outside the U.S. definitely doesn’t stay outside the U.S. For this reason, what happens around the world consumer electronics-wise can’t stay in outside the U.S., either. For this reason, IFA, the premier European technology show held in Berlin each September, […]

Are Europe & Asia Tech Superior?

Monday April 25, 2011 – Stewart Wolpin While not exactly qualifying as a jet-setter (or as a candidate for the Most Interesting Man in the World), in the last 18 months I have been in The Netherlands, Japan and, last week, Spain, at a pre–IFA media conference in the Mediterranean resort town of Benidorm. This […]

Digital TV Anarchy: Why the Internet Will Make Us Crave Simplicity

Monday September 28, 2009 – Myra Moore The future of TV, with the promise of unfettered access to any and all programming through increasingly sophisticated TV receivers, has a kind of utopian ring to it (if utopian and TV can be used in the same sentence) . Fewer and fewer gatekeepers, a lineup of programming […]