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Tech Emerging Markets: IP Owners Cutting New Deals

Variable royalty pricing for the right to use proprietary technologies in high-tech consumer products is a trend that is afoot. While it lacks the drama of the Apple vs. Samsung smartphone patent wars, it is happening for some of the same reasons. Recent developments have both patent-pool licensors and individual companies creating a two-tier royalty […]

Do You Know Where Your Personal Data Is?

A recent intellectual property and licensing conference got me rethinking about the ownership of personal data. I say “rethinking” because I assumed that ship sailed long ago with Big Data Inc.—Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.—securely at the helm. After all, most of us have turned over the rights to our personal information a long time ago […]

Making it in Emerging Markets: Do the Math

Some cycles never divert from their persistent patterns. The moon waxes and wanes. Birds get pushed from nest to flight. Electronic devices find their first successes in developed markets and then look for success in emerging markets. That last pattern, however, doesn’t happen quite as organically as the others do. A lot of strategizing, accounting […]

Tech Giant IP Love Fest? Probably Not

Battles among today’s big dogs of high tech can create some pretty dramatic headlines. This is particularly true for intellectual property battles—especially when those battles come with multibillion dollar price tags and the threat of product-distribution injunctions. One bad judgement or verdict can send stock prices plummeting and execs running for cover. It’s a lot […]

Smartphone Patent Wars: Is There a Sequel?

As China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) wraps up its investigation into the licensing and intellectual property practices of Qualcomm, there may be another smartphone intellectual property squabble way out on the horizon. As the Apple/Samsung patent war raged, developed markets become saturated with smartphones. Now suppliers are looking to developing markets like China […]

A Troll is a Troll is a Troll?

The introduction of the SHIELD* Act (H.R. 845) into the United States Congress, has, along with other activities, stirred up a hornet’s nest of rhetoric about bolstering American entrepreneurs and technical innovators. The hornet’s sting is reserved for what are informally referred to as patent trolls – a reference to the fairy tale of the […]

A Radical Change Coming for the Broadcast Industry?

There’s nothing like a crisis to move a group into action. At two recent broadcast conferences — DVB World (last month) and NAB (April 8-11) – there was, for the first time, a sense of urgency among a growing faction of traditional broadcasters to adopt radical business and technology changes. The message was clear: Without […]

Google and Motorola: A Match Made in…

When Google purchased Motorola in 2011 it was widely perceived as a defensive maneuver to stock up on the company’s intellectual property in the face of Apple’s thermo-nuclear patent war against Google’s Android operating system. Google may not have appreciated it at the time, but rather than suiting up with Motorola’s IP armor, they appear […]

It’s 10:00, Do You Know Where Your Intellectual Property Is?

Monday August 22, 2011 – Greg Scoblete Intellectual property (IP) is the lifeblood of any technology business. It is a source of innovation, of new products and services, and, failing that, a means of extracting lucrative settlements in court. It’s safe to say that without IP, there isn’t much of a technology industry. It’s also […]

Sue Me, Sue You Blues

Monday August 1, 2011 – Stewart Wolpin One look at the list of patent infringement lawsuits occurring amongst the smartphone and tablet set tells you all you need to know about how high the stakes are in these red-hot markets. And Apple, the epicenter of the smartphone and table market, seems to be the most […]