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Hungry Mobile Video: Will Next-Generation TV Feed the Beast?

Bandwidth-hungry video is viewed as an insatiable beast by those who are delivering it over crowded networks. Better compression and mobile network advances have relieved some congestion but the flames of UHD and virtual reality are licking at the heels of cellular networks. TV broadcasters think they can help relieve some of that congestion with […]

Will IP Transform the Broadcast Industry?

It might be argued that the difference between new video-service providers and the old ones (broadcast via cable, satellite and terrestrial) is that the new ones are simply using a different pipe (Internet) to get content into homes and to personal devices. This is true to a point but, of course, overly simplistic. There are […]

The Future of Mobile Video Is… DVD Quality?

When you think of the future of video, what words come to mind? If you’re like most observers, you’re likely rattling around words like “4K” or “high dynamic range” or possibly “8K” and potentially “virtual reality.” Unless you’re a mobile carrier, that is. In that case, the future of video conjures up the phrase….480p. The […]

HEVC Products Forecast Overview

With efficiency improvements over the ubiquitous AVC/H.264 standard and higher-quality play back, HEVC/H.265 use has expanded into nearly every consumer product and video content category. Although higher-end applications, such as the viewing of UHD TV, are the most advertised uses for the HEVC standard, its use in non-UHD applications is prolific. DTC’s latest study narrates […]

How Dish’s Sling TV Explains the Mystery of Apple’s Missing iTV

Dish rocked the recently concluded CES show with the announcement of Sling TV, an over-the-top (OTT) video service that delivers a lineup of linear channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, TBS, Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, ABC Family and CNN. The service offers access to this content on mobile platforms, […]

HEVC for non UHD Content: Not Sexy but Excitingly Steady

The casual video-market observer can be forgiven for thinking that the latest version of an MPEG video compression standard, HEVC, exists only to enable the fledgling Ultra HD market. As companies like Qualcomm, Apple and Samsung well know, the latest MPEG/ITU video compression standard will serve a much larger and less glamorous purpose than delivering […]

Will LTE Broadcast disrupt current content delivery paradigms?

Usually in this space, we inform you of some new technological development, supplemented by some succinct and insightful analysis. Well, anyone who tells you they know how LTE Broadcast will affect the cellular business, the content streaming business, the broadcast television business or any wireless content delivery business either doesn’t know what they’re talking about […]

U.S. Broadcast Mobile TV: The Experiment Begins

Monday May 3, 2010 – Myra Moore One prominent argument against the success of U.S. broadcast mobile TV services goes something like this: Americans won’t embrace mobile TV because not many use public transportation, and that it is somehow culturally alien for Americans to watch TV on the go. It’s too soon to declare success […]

Smartphones: Helping Mobile TV?

Monday October 5, 2009 – Shelby Cunningham Smartphones are responsible for giving consumers one of their video fixes these days. They’re not just for early adaptors or businesses anymore, but are now being toted around by teenagers, poor twenty-somethings and every other segment of the population. And now that smartphone shipments are seeing some growth, […]