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Hungry Mobile Video: Will Next-Generation TV Feed the Beast?

Bandwidth-hungry video is viewed as an insatiable beast by those who are delivering it over crowded networks. Better compression and mobile network advances have relieved some congestion but the flames of UHD and virtual reality are licking at the heels of cellular networks. TV broadcasters think they can help relieve some of that congestion with […]

Video Compression Business is Dull: Think Again!

Two recent events are causing the sands to shift underneath the otherwise stable world of video compression: the introduction of a new video compression technology and a second patent pool for the latest MPEG/ITU standard, HEVC/H.265. Although unrelated, both events could collectively serve to destabilize the next critical step in the evolution of the TV/video […]

No Mad Dash to MPEG-Dash

On March 31, the DASH Industry Forum will release its final guidelines for the MPEG-DASH standard (now dubbed DASH-264). It is a culmination of several years of effort to unify the industry around a single standard for adaptive bit rate streaming: i.e., the practice of dynamically adjusting the video quality of streamed content to mobile […]

MPEG Efficiency: The evolution will be mobile

With the advent of the next generation of high definition video compression technology on the visible horizon, it looks as if it will be taking a much different path to video dominance than what has been traversed in the past. Instead of the traditional digital TV world, High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) will likely be […]

The MPEG-2 Legacy Stays Strong

Monday December 6, 2010 While the MPEG-4 AVC market continues to advance the MPEG standard into new markets, its predecessor MPEG-2 is still a prominent player. Many consumer electronics products include both codecs to ensure backward compatibility. DTC estimates that more than 800 million MPEG-2 products will ship in 2011 slightly growing to 850 million […]

Not Tapped Out Yet

Monday June 29, 2009 – Shelby Cunningham For some time, those smart engineers who tell us all about the technical intricacies of video compression technology told us that MPEG-2 had reached its efficiency peak some years ago. They said it was tapped out – no more improvements. But apparently technical breakthroughs for old technology happen, […]