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Sharp/Foxconn Undeterred In Bid To Reclaim Sharp Marketing Rights

Terry Gou, chairman of Taiwan-based Hon Hai Precision Industry, the parent of electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn, is looking to expand the company’s global footprint using its recently acquired majority stake in Sharp Corp., but Hisense is standing in the way. In recent weeks, Gou’s companies have been the focus of almost daily news articles concerning […]

The Chinese are Coming, the Chinese are Coming

Seven months ago, I reported on fifth wave of regional TV manufacturing dominance, the first wave from the U.S., the second from Japan, the third from Europe, the fourth from Korea and, now, the fifth, potentially from China. At least one Chinese TV vendor, Hisense, seems poised to try and make me look prescient. As […]

A CES Preview of Next-Gen Compression

Anyone paying minimal attention to the Consumer Electronics Show was undoubtedly barraged by the endless parade of 4K TVs. They were, unquestionably, in abundance. They were huge. They were even curved! But the other, less remarked upon coming out party was for HEVC and VP9, the two compression codecs that are competing to usher in the […]

More Meat, Less Sizzle: Hybrid Device Developments at CES

4K displays absorbed much of the virtual ink at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show.  This is a somewhat curious choice given the “turned upside down world” of how content travels to those and all other screens.  The change in content travel plans may not be as immediately eye-popping as a large flat-screen TV displaying an […]

Over-the-Top Video’s Future in the Court’s Hands

Depending on which headline you believe, the internet you enjoy is either about to be liberated from onerous, innovation-strangling government regulation or surrendered into the greedy hands of monopolistic telecom firms eager to harness their oligarchic leverage to stamp out the competition. Why such apocalyptic hysteria? Earlier this month, the U.S. Court of Appeals for […]

Have U.S. Blu-ray Hardware Sales Reached the Top of the Bell Curve?

Even as the streaming home video revolution continues to widen, Blu-ray software and hardware sales continue to hold their own. According to DTC estimates, worldwide Blu-ray hardware sales rose 14% last year, will rise 13% this year and 12% next year. On the software side, DTC projects worldwide packaged media sales grew 43% in 2012, […]

Sue Me, Sue You Blues

Monday August 1, 2011 – Stewart Wolpin One look at the list of patent infringement lawsuits occurring amongst the smartphone and tablet set tells you all you need to know about how high the stakes are in these red-hot markets. And Apple, the epicenter of the smartphone and table market, seems to be the most […]

ASOs in Emerging Markets –Boosting Up STB Growth

Monday June 27, 2011 – Jing Sui Planning for analog TV shut-offs is well underway in many countries that are just beginning to turn on digital terrestrial TV transmissions. But it will be years before there is worldwide (or near worldwide) switch to digital terrestrial broadcasts, and two countries that will have a major impact […]