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How to Understand the FCC’s Thinking in the Trump Era

It’s nearly impossible for most people to digest the flood of news issuing out of Washington since the inauguration of President Donald Trump and keep their day job. So it’s no surprise that his pick for Federal Communications Chairman, Ajit Pai, flew mostly under the radar. But Pai’s FCC will be at the center of […]

China’s Champions Face Growing Skepticism

The rise of China is the one of the most discussed topics in geopolitics, but its rise is no less significant in the smaller corner of the network infrastructure world. And just as China’s rise has ruffled the feathers of established powers like the U.S. and Japan, the growing global presence of Chinese telecommunications firms […]

Colombia: There is No Risk in Staying

While watching the History Channel mini-series, “The Men Who Built America,” I am reminded of how much willpower is exerted to create something out of nothing, or to transform something that doesn’t work into something that does to transform society. One of my tech compatriots with ties to the digital TV business, whom I amazingly […]