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Many Monstrous Notes at CES 2017

While wandering around CES 2017, I was reminded of that scene in Amadeus, in which the Emperor Joseph II decides that the new opera by Mozart had “too many notes.” (The actual quote is “monstrous many notes” and referred to Mozart’s “The Abduction from the Seraglio,” but I digress.) That’s what I felt about CES—monstrous […]

Some good news and some (okay, a lot of) bad news…

If you missed CE Week in New York a couple of weeks ago (and judging by the turnout compared to, say, Black Friday at Walmart, most of you did), you missed a lot. I don’t mean to sound like a commercial, but this mid-year CE Week confab, while not exactly a substitute for the late […]

CTIA: Was Everyone Shopping on their Phones?

Here at the just-wrapped spring version of the CTIA Wireless mobile communications show in New Orleans, the buzz on the show floor isn’t about new phones or new technologies. The buzz was about the show floor, or, more precisely, what and who was NOT at CTIA. Only two major phone vendors, LG and HTC, had […]

Digital TV: No Two Places Are Alike

I recently participated in a Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) meeting on spectrum management focused on the digital TV switchover.  Listening to regional broadcasters, regulatory officials, and engineers discuss the challenges of planning a digital TV ecosystem only reinforced the axiom that every place has its own DNA. Not to get all “snow flakey” but no two places […]

Is Macworld Dead or Just the Beginning?

Monday February 15, 2010 – Antonette Goroch This year’s Macworld marked a turning point for Apple, and the media industry at large, in both what was absent and present. On the one hand Apple, which pulled out as a Macworld exhibitor last year, was gone for the first time, leaving attendance and exhibitors down by […]