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The Technology Forest: Don’t Get Lost in the Woods

Believe it or not, there is a somewhat timely pattern to the historical disruption caused by technology advances. Let’s call the individual technology advances the trees, and the profound business and societal impacts from those advances the forest. Individually, these advances may not do much to challenge the status quo, but together, in a compressed […]

Capped America

Failed presidential candidate John Edwards once spoke of “two Americas.” While Edwards was making an economic pitch, his message, with a little temporal updating, could just as easily apply to the market for data. In one America—that of residential broadband—most users enjoyed unlimited data and zero restrictions. In another America, mobile broadband users faced tight […]

Is UHD Blu-ray The Last Gasp of Packaged Media?

It’s not exactly a secret: UHD TV sales are on the rise. Duh. According to DTC, sales of UHD sets are due to rise 142% this year, and are projected to reach 43.6 million units and 60% of the total market by 2020. What’s puzzling is why UHD TVs are selling well, considering the dearth […]

5G: Something Is Happening, But We Don’t Know What It Is

As our annual sojourn to the crowded and exhausting CES creeps closer like an appointment for a root canal, we might foretell here what we expect to see at the annual electronics gathering. But instead, we’d like to look ahead at a more distant future, one five years-plus hence in which commercial deployments utilizing the […]

The Next Cord Cutting Wave Is Not What You Think

In 2011, AT&T and Cisco trumpeted a new set-top box (STB) solution aimed at cord cutters. No, not the cord cutters keeping cable TV execs up nights pacing the halls and rending their garments. Instead, it was a product targeting consumers who were looking to bring AT&T’s U-verse service to additional TVs in their home without punching […]

Wireless Spectrum Battles: What’s Efficient?

As the broadcast regulators of the world ponder redistributing spectrum (700 MHz band changes in Europe and efforts to reallocate spectrum by the U.S. Congress) TV broadcasters are finding themselves in a tight spot. Arguments for moving some TV broadcasters from prime real estate on the band include claims of inefficient use of existing spectrum […]

Wireless HDMI: Bigger than 3D

Monday January 4, 2010 – Stewart Wolpin While CES will be replete with gaudy 3D HDTV and 3D Blu-ray demonstrations, likely complete with Avatar and Up! clips, a far more consequential innovation will be purposefully well-hidden – wireless HDMI. Losing the annoying trailing HDMI cable connecting a consumer’s A/V stack to their wall-mounted HDTV is […]

The Ethernet Dilemma

Monday April 6, 2009 – Stewart Wolpin It is rare that the major consumer electronics companies are so – well, to avoid being completely insulting, let’s say short-sighted. Over the last few months, there have been many new HDTVs that include specialized Web surfing capabilities such as Sony’s Bravia Link, Panasonic’s Viera Cast, and the […]