At DTC, our specialty is developing custom-designed market research that addresses the specific questions and criteria you have.

With analysts and researchers located in major technology centers around the world, DTC is knowledgeable about a number of consumer digital technologies and sectors. So, whether you need to know about the value of your intellectual property, the potential of a certain device or geographic region, or how to transition a market to a digital TV platform, DTC can help.

Our customized research helps digital technology clients in several areas, including:

Cable, satellite, terrestrial and IP digital television

Digital set-top boxes and integrated DTVs

Internet-based video services

Video streaming services

Video compression technologies

Emerging technologies

Whether you have a one-time research project or ongoing needs for data and analysis, DTC can help.

Our specialized market research provides clients with the objective information they need to make business-critical decisions about evolving digital technologies and platforms, licensing royalties, revenue projections, market viability and geographic penetration. 

Our main services include:

Digital Transition Consulting

A digital TV transition is about much more than moving from one technology to another. It is about transforming an entire communications system to improve communications for consumers.

IP Licensing & Intelligence

In addition to our expert research capabilities in the digital technology realm, DTC is well versed on the intricacies of applying that research to intellectual property licensing.

Market Intelligence & Forecasting

Our rigorous data-gathering process, forecasting models and independent market analysis allow us to gather intelligence and make educated forecast projections about market size, product proliferation and royalties.

Dec 3, 2021
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