Go beneath the surface and uncover more meaningful market intelligence.

DTC’s customized reports go beyond general trends to help you fill in the gap.


Convert entire broadcast systems with our proven DTC transition plans.

DTC has worldwide experience—and success—in the DTV transition process.

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Manage your IP portfolio with customized market intelligence.

DTC is well versed on the intricacies of the IP licensing for digital technologies.

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Quantify the market forces shaping your success.

DTC specializes in the research of technologies that can be hard to identify and measure.

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Digital technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace

It can be difficult to fully understand the market forces influencing your success—particularly if your market intelligence is too general. At DTC, our custom research methods help unearth specific market information unavailable in syndicated reports. Simply put, we specialize in quantifying hard-to-measure markets. With longevity in the tech sector, DTC has unparalleled knowledge of a multitude of digital products and services—as well as the technologies that comprise them. Backed by seasoned analysts, global expertise and a vast network, DTC has shaped market intelligence into a discipline that is both an art and a science—one that uniquely allows you to better manage and protect business.


Whether you have a one-time research project or ongoing needs for data and analysis, DTC can help.


Digital Transition Consulting

A digital TV transition is about much more than moving from one technology to another. It is about transforming an entire communications system to improve communications for consumers.

DTC's Digital TV Transition Group—with expertise in government relations, retailer and consumer education, market conditions, equipment suppliers and technology—has worldwide experience aiding broadcasters, government regulatory bodies and other stakeholders through this complicated, multi-layered process.

  • Technical Standard/Specification Evaluation
  • Transmission Infrastructure Installations
  • Consumer Digital Receiver Procurement
  • Government Receiver Distribution Programs
  • Consumer and Industry Education
  • Next Gen Broadcast TV Strategy Planning



In addition to our expert research capabilities in the digital technology realm, DTC is well versed on the intricacies of applying that research to intellectual property licensing.

This dual focus uniquely qualifies DTC to advise on IP-related issues, including royalty-forecasting models, IP user and technology identification, and royalty collection maximization.

  • Product and Service Forecasting
  • Royalty Forecasting
  • Identification of Products Sold in Specific Regions
  • Compliance Services



Our rigorous data-gathering process, forecasting models and independent market analysis allow us to gather intelligence and make educated forecast projections about market size, product proliferation and royalties.

Our forecasting models—which have been tested and retested for validity—incorporate data from trusted internal and external sources to address our clients' research needs. 

  • Quantification Modeling
  • Royalty Revenue Projection Modeling
  • Geographical Shipments Modeling
  • Embedded Technology Projection Modeling
  • Supplier Market Share Modeling

Industry Insights

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