Digital Transition Consulting

A digital TV transition is about much more than moving from one technology to another. It is about transforming an entire communications system to improve communications for consumers.

DTC's Digital TV Transition Group—with expertise in government relations, retailer and consumer education, market conditions, equipment suppliers and technology—has worldwide experience aiding broadcasters, government regulatory bodies and other stakeholders through this complicated, multi-layered process.

Through a fine-tuned, strategic process that involves planning, education, research and technical design, DTC consults on TV transitions for countries of all sizes. Regardless of a country's size, the stakes are high —whether planning and implementing an analog TV shut-off or a transition to a new digital format. That's why we treat every project as unique, giving special consideration to the conditions, culture, economics and goals of that country.

The Next Generation

DTC was on the leading edge of the analog-to-DTV transition and, once again, is leading efforts to establish standards for the next generation of broadcast TV and technologies. From modulation schemes, distribution mechanisms, compatibility, Internet integration, streaming and more, DTC is working with early next-generation technology leaders to set technical standards and processes that will aid migration efforts in the years ahead. DTC is working closely with the industry’s key influencers who are driving the forward-thinking efforts to continue to evolve how television is delivered worldwide.

Key Services

Technical Standard / Specification Evaluation

Consumer Digital Receiver Procurement

Transmission Infrastructure Installations

Government Receiver Distribution Programs

Consumer and Industry Education

Next Gen Broadcast TV Strategy Planning

Our Experience

North America

Developed a study for a large group of broadcasters that benchmarked the technical steps and costs for broadcasters to switch from an existing digital TV format to a next-generation standard.

Planned and implemented a $2 billion digital-to-analog converter box subsidy program that assisted 35 million households in purchasing converter boxes.

Authored an in-depth study for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) that laid out the industry-wide time and resources required for an estimated 850-1,160 TV stations to move channel assignments at the conclusion of government-sponsored spectrum auction.

Worked with a consortium of broadcast industry leaders to author an ATSC 3.0 implementation and transition guide.

Designed and managed retailer program with electronic funds transfer and prepaid debit cards to minimize waste, fraud and abuse for more than 30,000 retail stores and online retailers.

Produced the only market research tracking service that quantified the sales and supplier market shares of digital-to-analog converter boxes.


Planned and executed analog switchover and subsequent national rollout of Dutch digital terrestrial TV network consisting of 55 transmitter locations.

Provided several studies on analog-to-digital TV switchover for the UK's Department of Trade and Industry, Ofcom (the UK regulator) and Digital UK (the body responsible for coordinating digital switchover).

Provided nine days of technical training to the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT, the Greek National Regulatory Authority) on digital TV transmission networks, including measurement techniques and coverage verification in preparation for the country's digital switchover.


Provided research, data and planning factors for digital TV transition to a South Korean government agency.

Consulted with government officials and industry leaders from India, sharing insights on the key components of transitioning to digital technology, including the use of public-private partnerships to engage consumers.

Middle East

Prepared set-top box cost analysis for Israeli government as basis for formulating a set-top box subsidy program.

Analyzed digital radio receiver availability for The Second Authority for Television and Radio (Israeli government agency) on the feasibility of combining a digital radio network with the DTT network.

Latin America

Produced a written guide for Curacao consumer electronics retailers that includes an overview of the Curacao DTT system, database of receivers and TVs that are compliant with the analog and digital systems, and instructions for how retailers can help consumers prepare for the transition.

Produced a video and a website to educate consumers in Curacao about the digital terrestrial TV system.

Provided training about new DTT system and analog shut-off to broadcast engineers, owners, government officials, retailers and pay TV service owners in Curacao and parts of former The Netherland Antilles region.

Advised Brazilian Government on "keys to success" and orchestrated in-person meetings between government officials to allow Brazil to glean best practices from the successful U.S. digital transition.

Developed a guide for consumer electronics retailers in St. Maarten that includes an overview of the island's DTT system and ways to help consumers choose appropriate receivers; provided training, with on-site presentations to retailers and other DTV stakeholders.

Case Studies & White Papers